Boost Your Bottom Line With Post-Information Age Technology

Boost Your Bottom Line With Post-Information Age Technology

Economies constantly evolve. Society's industrial age gave way to the service economy. This change took a couple of hundred years, but the next step from service to information-based commerce lasted only decades. Experts refer to the current epoch as the “Uber Economy” after the famous ride-sharing service. Whatever name it goes by, it is evident that businesses can supercharge their customer service efforts by fully utilizing today's powerful mobile technology.

Customers Love Interaction

QR codes, those funny-looking, scannable codes first popularized in Asian markets, act as a nearly sure-fire way to get customers to interact with your products. When customers scan QR codes with their smartphones, they can lead to something like a special promotion or video highlighting product culture.

Marketing Locally Is Hot

Geolocation is huge. By now, you have probably said something similar to “coffee shop near me” into your smartphone. Merchants of all sorts can engage and invite customers already in the area to head on over and enjoy what they have to offer.

An App for Everything

Apps are so widespread, almost 200 billion downloaded per year, that it is hard to imagine a time existed before them. A creative app developer can design one for virtually everything you can dream of buying, selling, seeing or doing.

Imaginative uses for mobile technology can skyrocket your businesses. But hurry, experts say smartphones are only transitional devices merely paving the way for brain-computer interfaces. To capitalize, go ahead and jump into the fray now and prepare to be agile as the future rapidly changes and unfolds.