Tuesday Tips: Digital and Your Supply Chain

Digital and Your Supply Chain

In today’s electronic world, it’s getting much easier for businesses to be more digital, but few can go completely paperless. Any effective document management system has to take into account that hybrid paper/digital workflows are just part of the process. Bringing paper and digital worlds together has many benefits:

  • Reducing time in reviewing data
  • Reduces human error while improving efficiency
  • Reduces workflow by minimizing manual steps because data can be exported into other systems
  • Offers automated reconciliation processes to resolve problems quicker
  • Maintains complete documentation for regulatory compliance
  • Improves analytical information for review across the supply chain
  • Improves your speed and profitability

Maintaining a supply chain across continents can be time-consuming, but when the documentation goes digital, it keeps everyone in the loop much better. You can work from anywhere by having access to real-time information. Man-hours are reduced because your staff isn’t having to re-enter data into other systems. Your team can send confirmation and capture digital signatures from mobile devices, then provide that information to others in the chain who need to know what’s happening.

Make an investment in a back-end system that improves supply chain and inventory management to be a better steward of your time and your customer’s product. Check into digital documentation system for your supply chain to see how it would fit into your business.