Tuesday Tips: What Happens When You Sign Up With a New Managed Print Provider?

What Happens When You Sign Up With a New Managed Print Provider?

Many companies are satisfied with their managed print services for years and continue to renew annually. However, any business owners unsatisfied should seriously consider switching. There is no shortage of alternative providers, and here are the qualities to look for in a new provider.


Managed print solutions should be easy to access and understand. When speaking with a potential provider, pay attention to how easy it is to make sense of all the services. Be wary of companies that are difficult to get ahold of.

Reactive or Proactive

Another good sign to watch for is whether a managed print service company performs routine maintenance. This should be done once in a while to make sure the devices continue operating ideally. A less efficient company will simply react when problems come up.

Flexible Pricing and Scheduling

There are no one size fits all solutions for what each business will need. A good print solution will be able to adjust itself to whatever your company requires. The standard price may be able to be reduced, depending on your needs.

Make sure to review all your options before agreeing to new managed print services. By taking your time, you will be much happier with an investment you can benefit from for years.