Voice Recognition and Your MFP

Voice Recognition and Your MFP

In the last few years, multifunction printers have burst into office spaces in a big way. These printers essentially fill the role for copiers, fax machines and other devices all in one. Due to recent advancements, office workers can send a job to the device through voice recognition software.

What Devices Allow This?

To use voice recognition, the office needs to acquire a device capable of accepting voice commands. One popular option is the Amazon Echo, which allows people to speak to “Alexa.” However, there are plenty of other devices, such as the Xerox® WorkCentre® and the Xerox® AltaLink®. Finally, the right app needs to be downloaded onto the MFP so that it can communicate with the device.

What Can Voice Recognition Do?

Voice recognition can do so much more than simply telling Alexa when you want something to be printed. With a simple sentence, you can check what the ink levels are in the printer without having to physically examine the device. You can even submit a service request when the equipment starts to malfunction.

Implementing voice recognition at the office may seem like something out of science fiction, but multifunction printers are quickly making it a reality. Office workers can now command their copiers and printers to work effortlessly.