Keeping Your Office Waste Down

Keeping Your Office Waste Down

Cutting back on waste is more than just good for your bottom line. It is also good for the planet. Place an emphasis on sustainability around your office.

Printing Documents Double-Sided

When appropriate, you should print on both sides of a piece of paper when you can. This will cut back on the amount of paper you use and the amount of energy your printer exerts.


Another environmentally friendly practice is to recycle. Keep recycle bins around your office building labeled aluminum, glass and so on. You should also purchase recycled printer paper when you can.

Storing Paper Properly

You would be amazed at how much paper gets thrown away every year without ever being used. Improperly storing it can cause it to develop water damage or other flaws. This makes it unusable, so make sure you secure all your supplies. That way you are not wasting anything.

Managing Company’s Print Strategy

You should really examine what is being printed. In today’s digital world, there is often not a need to print as much. See what you can implement around the office to cut back on the amount of paper you use.

Abiding by practices of sustainability will give your business a better reputation to potential customers. You may also end up qualifying for some tax credits, so start doing your part for the planet.