Make the Most of Your Technology and Be More Productive

Make the Most of Your Technology and Be More Productive

You have a good team and great technology, but are you as productive as you could be? Are you using all of the tools at your disposal? Technology tools are at your fingertips, but many people don’t even know they’re available to help increase office productivity. Here are a few ways to make the most of your technology.

Use Tools for Collaboration

Technology should support collaboration, not stand in its way. There are a number of tools available to help collaboration, including:

  • Printer address books that save all of a contact’s information in one place, so you can easily send a document to someone’s email address or directly to their computer.
  • Remote access that allows employees to configure printer settings from their desk so that they can finish an important conversation with their colleagues while setting up the printer.

Train Employees with Useful Tools

When a new member joins the team, use tools like print driver simulators as part of their training. This way, they can learn how to configure and use the print driver before they use it in the real world. With simplified but powerful device driver platforms, training on one driver simulator can prepare a user for working with multiple devices and make printing easier.  With tools that make it simple for everyone to use the printer, you can decrease questions about what functions to use and increase office productivity.