Tuesday Tips: Copiers Don’t Have to Be Your Headache Anymore

Copiers Don’t Have to Be Your Headache Anymore

Today’s multifunction printers act not only as printers and copiers, but also allow you to use apps to print from the cloud, create electronic documents, and streamline workflow thanks to the new Xerox ConnectKey technology.

You have become accustomed to the intuitive touchscreens on your smartphone and tablet that are effective, easy to use, and simple to navigate. Now this same technology is available for your office printers. You and your employees finally are in control of your MFPs and can initiate and run automated processes with no additional training and without needing to rely on tech support.

New User Interface

The key is the new printer user interface designed to make all tasks simple and intuitive. Users can personalize, customize and automate their various workflows. Elevated critical controls make it easy to know where to begin and scrolling and swiping allow for simple confirmation and setting changes.

Cloud Printing

Cloud printing makes it possible for you to securely print from anywhere you happen to be. With ConnectKey, you can find and access documents at a different location and print them at yours. All the critical, confidential information in the documents is transferred safely and securely because it can only be done by an authorized user with an ID card.

Electronic Documents

Your Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFP quickly scans hard-copy documents, digitizes them, and stores them in your central cloud-based storage space. Authorized users can then access and update, print, and copy them as necessary.