Tuesday Tips: When Your Copiers Work Better, You Work Better

When Your Copiers Work Better, You Work Better

The office copier does more than making photocopies. In the modern office, the copier is the key to increase office productivity. As offices in the competitive workplace try to do more with less, the copier has evolved from a simple copying device to a multi-dimensional tool capable of handling increased workflows while performing multiple tasks.

Today’s Multi-Tasking Copier

No longer do employees have to manage multiple office devices during the day because today’s copiers have the increase capabilities to take on those added tasks. In addition to making copies, the copier can now do things that used to take a variety of machines, such as,

  • Faxing
  • Printing
  • Scanning.

Modern Copiers and the Cloud

With the growth of the internet, more companies are relying on the cloud for their computer storage needs. Copy makers have responded by giving the new generation of copy machines cloud-access capabilities. This improvement allows companies to do away with printers physically connected to computers. Laptops, tablets and even smartphones can now print to the office copier through the web, which saves the company money on IT costs and grants employees new levels of work location freedom.

Copiers in the modern office have moved from being hidden away in the corner to being the centerpiece of office productivity. With the rising popularity of cloud-based business solutions, this trend is likely to continue well into the future.