Tuesday Tips: Is Your Printer Your Weak Spot?

Tuesday Tips: Is Your Printer Your Weak Spot?

When it comes to security, most business owners think about gates and surveillance cameras. However, there is one area you may be overlooking: your printer.

Potential Risks

Since many printers operate digitally, sensitive data is sent without the need for a device to be physical plugged in. Generally, you do not have to worry about a criminal coming in and using your printer without your permission.

However, there is a risk that while data is being transmitted, a hacker could intercept it. This can be particularly dangerous for organizations that regularly deal with people’s financial information or medical records. The need for efficient document security gets increased if your employees work from their personal laptops and smartphones at the office.


The easiest solution to ward off hackers is with end-to-end encryption. This should be the default setting for all documents sent to the printer. You can also establish a policy that anything printed needs to be picked up promptly. People leaving documents unattended in the tray leave them open for theft from anyone.

Another solution is to have employees enter a code directly at the printer before something is allowed to print. People can set the print job remotely, but they will have to be there before it will be completed.

It is preferable to be overly cautious than not enough. Your company’s security always needs to be priority, and you need to be aware of every place threats can occur.